Manufactured Home Permanent Foundations & HCD Form 433A

What is a
manufactured home permanent foundation?

manufactured home permanent foundations

A manufactured home permanent foundation is a State approved, engineered system that is installed under a manufactured home to resist horizontal, lateral and seismic movement. When installed correctly along with a permit being obtained for the installation, upon final inspection, an HCD form 433A will be filled out and signed by inspector and recorded in the County recorders office.

What is HCD form 433A?

manufactured home permanent foundation form 433A

HCD form 433A is proof of a manufactured home being installed onto a foundation system. When a real estate transaction is being conducted, be it a sale, a refinance or new construction (involving a construction loan) the lender will always need a copy the 433A. The 433A is a security item for the lender because once the 433A is recorded the manufactured home becomes part of the real property and is now illegal to remove from the property.


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